My name is Thakshana Yogeswaran and I am a media student at The Latymer School. My candidate number is 9179.

I am working in Group 3 with Gift Emesi (9044), Angela Chen (9025) and Monica Aghadiuno (9365)

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Group 3 - Music Video

Inside Panels

Inside Panels
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Tuesday, 6 October 2015

R+P Post 1: My A2 Group

For my music video project I will be working with Angela (left), Monica (centre) and Gift (right).

My Group Photo
Our Strengths

I really like my group members this year because I feel like we all have really good creative ideas and as a group of four girls I feel that we will be able to pull off a really sassy and attitude-filled music video. We've all had performance and lip-syncing training when we carried out our preliminary task and I think that as a group we will be really efficient and work well as a group.

Our Plan

We plan to meet at least twice a week with optional group meetings throughout the week whenever we're all free, probably after school sessions, if we feel we have to sort something out or if we're behind. Our planned group meetings are Monday and Friday during period one and lunch time.

We have also set up a WhatsApp group in order to communicate with each other daily about the progress of our project and also remind each other of meeting times, deadlines and any other important stuff.

In order to produce a good quality music video and also stick to our schedule we have set ourselves some working principles, which are:

  • Give everyone a fair and equal opportunity to pitch their ideas and listen to each other.
  • Make sure we all turn up to group meetings at the set time
  • Communicate with each other when we need to convey important messages
  • Be efficient during group meetings and get things done as quick as possible.

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