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Saturday, 10 October 2015

R+P Post 7: Record Labels of Interest

There are many roles that a record label must play in order to successfully sell both music and the artist. Below I have listed some of the main ones in the form of a spider diagram:

The music industry is split into two main types of record labels. One is the big name labels who dominate the market and the other is the independent record labels who don't have as much market share but are rapidly growing due to advances in technology and free platforms such as YouTube.

First we have the three biggest record labels, which are; Universal Music Group (UMG), Sony Music Entertainment and Warner Music Group. These three record labels dominate the market and control around 70% of the world's music industry.

As well as the big dominant record labels there are also independent, smaller ones that also work to produce and sell music. Some examples of  British independent record labels include; 3 Beat Records, PMR Records and National Anthem.

PMR Records

This is what was written in the about section of their website. They have signed some pretty popular artist's such as Disclosure and Jessie Ware. The brothers started up this record label to find fresh talent with unique styles and have been pretty successful in doing so.

Below is a recent article from The Guardian talking about how PMR Records are redefining pop music:

Overall, from all the research into record labels that I have conducted,  I would like my artist to be signed to a record label who embrace new and upcoming artists and help them find their image and also help them find their sound in terms of their music as well.

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