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Saturday, 10 October 2015

R+P Post 11: Artist Websites that have Inspired and Influenced my Ideas

I researched a few artist websites and the main features that were common across all of them were:

  • Lots of opportunities to purchase things; albums, merch, tracks etc
  • Very interactive
  • Synergistic with all other online marketing
  • All social media links are provided
  • They always have a store/merch page
  • They always have a drop down menu with all other sub-pages listed below.
The first website I was inspired by was One Direction's:

When you enter their website the first page is a promotional page selling their new album. This covers the whole page and then on the right is a little button that says 'ENTER WESBITE'

Once you click on 'enter website' you are redirected to the home page where immediately there is a massive picture of the band. And then you scroll down and there are opportunities to buy things, news, music etc. Everything is big and easily accessible and it's a simple website to use. I would like to make my website like this and include all the interactive opportunities that 1D's website also includes.

This is the bands drop down menu, again everything is in large scale. When you scroll on top of each menu the fonts change. Again, it's very simplistic, easy on the eye and at the same time still appealing. 

They also have a merch page. It opens up in a completely different page and is a webpage dedicated solely for the merch. Once again, the style is simple yet effective and everything is easily accessible. A feature which I find appealing and would like to use in my own website. 

This is their tour page, again very simple, big and easy to use. 

This is their social media and record label thing that they have at the bottom of every single page. It's synergistic and allows the audience to easily access everything else.

This is Fifth Harmony's website. I really liked their 'bio' page where they have a picture of each individual girl in the band and then a short description of that girl. Maybe in my one I could have a section just talking about my artist. I also like the different coloured backdrops. 

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