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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Question 5: How did you attract/address your audience?

We have tried to attract each different target audience in a very specific way and we have specifically made some decisions in order to directly target each group. Universally, I think our film style and the continuity editing would appeal to our audience as a whole as it creates a sense of realism and some people can even relate it. Here's how we targeted each group specifically:

How we used the uses and gratification theory to attract/address our audience:

Audience Feedback

I set up an online survey using SurveyMonkey to get our audience feedback and see what they thought of the overall opening sequence. I put the link up on my personal Facebook page and asked everyone to take part in the survey with a link to my opening sequence as well. Here are the results:

The first question was about age. This was to see who was actually interested enough by my opening sequence to actually open the survey and fill it out. As you can see there was a range of ages but the majority of them were under 18 (mainly 16/17) or 18-24 .

The question after was about gender, again to determine who had actually taken part in the survey. Majority were female but if you look at the percentages it was pretty close so the male audience did like the opening sequence enough to fill out a survey about it. 

This question is asking the audience to rate the film out of 10. None of the scores went below 5 which I think is really good. It seems like the audience really enjoyed it.

I have only included a range of answers here but a lot of the audience liked the acting, the editing and the narrative. This is really pleasing as Mario and Aybala both worked really hard on their acting and me and Angela also worked hard on directing them in order to get our desired effect.

Majority of these answers are referring to the voiceover as to what they disliked. When I spoke to some people about my opening sequence this was something they mentioned as well. One of my acquaintances told me that it was quite 'annoying' to have a voiceover and dialogue throughout as it detracted from the action and the comedic value of the shots.

This response really pleased me as 100% of everyone who answered this survey said they would want to carry on watching the film!

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